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A very detailed stepwise guide to NSR (national skills registry)

I am writing this one because I faced some problems regarding the same when I completed the NSR and my friends are also facing almost the same problems. So here the detailed steps::

1. Use IE (Internet Explorer) for this National Skills Registry. Although I am not an admirer of IE (in fact I don't like to use IE - Firefox is always better), IE is better in this case (and I strongly suggest to use IE here).

2. Go to

3. When asked "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items: Do you want to display the nonsecure items?" choose YES

4. Almost at the middle see for the "NEW USER?" go to the "Register Now" (provided you are registering for the first time or else "Complete your Registration" (provided you already filled up some details and have to fill the rest).

5. After you click "Register Now" a new pop-up window comes (enable pop-up windows for this site)

6. Read the instructions and at the bottom with "I Agree" selected, click "Submit"

7. Select NSR Registration Requested By "Registering at my own" (You can always change the details later, you don't need to select anything right now if you are a fresher and if you are presently employed give your employer name and ID. I telephoned Alankits Assignments, they suggested the same thing).

8. Then in the personal information fill up the relevant details. Mother's maiden name means "Surname that she used before she was married". You don't need to write the full name, only surname is required.

9. Fill up the present address block. Your NSR IT Card will be delivered to this address or else the permanent address (you can choose that later in the steps), so fill it up carefully.

10. Fill up the immediate previous address (if any). If you stayed at your present address for less than 1 year, then only you need to fill up this block else this block cannot be filled up.

11. Permanent Address Block. If it's the same as the present address then the present address will be reflected back in this block else you need to fill up the permanent address.

12. Other Personal Information: Country code for India is 91 (Don't write + or 0, only the country code). If you don't know your country code then you can find it here: Then write state code i.e. the STD code (Example. For Kolkata it is 33) and then the phone number. For you area's STD code look here:
For Mobile Phones only ISD + Your Mobile No. (ex. 91xxxxxxxxxx)

13. Enter your E-mail ID carefully because you IT-PIN will be initially sent to your email.

14. If you have Passport and/or PAN enter the details, else leave the fields blank.

15. Authentication part is the next one. Fill it up. Login Id can be anything you wish (more than 5 letters). There are 2 passwords Login and Transaction. Password Rules are given there, read that and then set the passwords (passwords cannot start with a number, it must contain one uppercase and one lowercase letter and a number ; minimum length is 8 characters and maximum is 15 characters). Two password cannot be same. In short your passwords should be strong passwords.

16. Then press "save and continue".

17. Here you will get your Acknowledgment number. Write it down or note it.

18. Then you will have to fill up the education details. If you don't have any professional certificates, leave them blank. (remember you can always change then later, so don't worry).

19. If you are not currently employed, then when asked for "Presently employed"... choose "No" (this is what I did because I am a fresher). This will make all the fields inactivate and you can proceed. Else fill up the relevant details. (Again if you wish you can always change these things later).

20. Choose the card delivery address.

21. Click on "Submit and View".

22. The details entered by you will be displayed in a single page. Here you can either modify them (in case of errors or if you wish to add something extra) or leave them as they are after re-checking them.

23. Then click on "Continue your registration by doing the payment".

24. Registration amount will be displayed and you have to choose the payment mode.

25. You can either pay online or at the location of POS (Offices assigned by NASSCOM).
I am no-one to suggest anything but still I think payment at POS is a good option because you have to go there to submit your fingerprints, so then you can also pay the fees along with your fingerprints. You can pay by either cash or DD.

26. Now you will get your ITP Web Registration Acknowledgement Form
For so long I suggested you to use IE, now you will find why! If you did the same thing in Mozilla Firefox, then you also get additional address details when there is no address column on the left! so IE is better in this NSR case!

27. Print the (ITP Web Registration Acknowledgement Form). If you don't have a printer with you now right now, then you can always enter your NSR account by going to "New User?" to "Complete your Registration" by entering the Acknowledgment Number & Password and from there on get this acknowledgment form and print it.

28. Then with your photo attached and signature in the form, go to a POS (Point Of Service) with the fees and a Photo identity [Voter's Id card/Passport/Driving License/Bank Pass Book (with Photo)/College Icard (not more than 1 year old)/PAN card/Employment Identity Card] within 50 days of completing the online registration. The validity of the acknowledgment form is also mentioned in the form itself.

29. The whole process of taking fingerprints takes about 5-7 minutes.

30. After paying the fees and fingerprints, you will get your ITPIN in a short duration. It will be sent to your email id (the one you provided).

31. You will get your card within 20-30 days. You can check the card status also.

Hope this one was of some help. I had to type a lot!!!

If I missed something or you want to change/add something.... or want to say something, do comment.

Happy NSR registration! comments


  1. hey....thankx a ton......................really thanks thanks!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Thanks a lot...very informative...

  3. @Anindyaa, Sabha and Mamta ...
    You are most welcome... :)

    1. Hello sir. To change mother maiden name in nsr, what proofs I need to submit? In fact I don't have any proofs regarding mother maiden name and my mother is illiterate. If I fail to change mother name then I will lose my IT job (I placed in TCS).please help me by giving your valuable suggestions. If possible mail me your suggestion or reply me. My mail ID:

  4. yeah....the information provided by you was really useful... :)

  5. great job...thnx a wil help us a ton boss.

  6. @manika and varungupta

    Thank you very much for your words. :)

  7. though i aleady completed my NSR.still i must say dat u hav done a gr8 job.

  8. Thanks Pankaj. It was useful. You have a Happy New Year.


  9. After payment i forgot to take the print out, also I have not noted the Acknowledgement Number, is there any way to get this back?

  10. Hello pankaj, i have small doubt, when do they verify all these updated things??? how long will take for them complete the verification process???

  11. Hello Guys,
    Just a note to all you out there. Whenever you are registering on NSR please make a note of the Login Pwd, Trxn pwd,acknowledgment number as these are pretty important when you try accessing NSR website.

  12. how can I check status of card

  13. Great job Pankaj! T'was very useful and explanatory. Appreciate your helping spirit. Hats off to you!! - Joel

  14. Hi pankaj
    very useful info.
    how long will take for them complete the verification process?
    does present / future emplyer check for these detail and ask permission to check this?

  15. solid help u r providing dude.....thanx :)

  16. hey i entered the maiden name wrong...
    what do i do??

  17. u done a grt job..thks alot buddy

  18. Hi Pankaj
    I have filled the form halfway and not noted the acknowledgment number by accident I exit from the field, can I freshly fill the form

  19. in case if i didnt get joining date, then still i can fill that form?

  20. thanks dude.....
    this info was of gr8 help
    thanks a lot

  21. thanks dude...
    great work...
    thanks a lot...

  22. Hi, pls furnish me the details regarding lastname. do i need to enter my initial or my father's name thr?

  23. @Joel... thank you very much... good to know that it was of some help... :)

    @N... the verification won't take long... just a quick check and scanning and then you are done with verification... it will be quick! Don't worry!... & about present/future employer... I don't know whether they even bother to check these things or not but they do ask you for NSR card, so be prepared with it.

    @Satya... thanks buddy!

    @Divya... thank you very much :)

    @Lavanya... start afresh... enter correctly... :)

    @25... thanks!

    @Sirisha... thanks a lot...

    @Shruti... yes you can start afresh...

    @Mangesh... yes you can... date of joining is not necessary... you can change the details later.

    @Naseerudeen... thanks!

    @praveen... you are welcome :)

    @bonhomie... my pleasure...

    @Varun... thanks for your words :)

    @Sathya... my pleasure...

    @Ahalya... didn't get the question properly... if someone's name is "ABC DEF GHI" then "ABC" is his/her firstname, "DEF" is the middlename and "GHI" is the lastname... can you please rephrase your doubt?


  25. thanks a lot .. it will really help a lot... One confusion I still have is about the present employer column.. I am a passout of july 2010, was recruited by TCS in campus placement in january,2010..Now tcs wants us to register for NSR.. So do I fill TCS in the present employer but I have not joined yet,have received the offer letter but waiting for the date of joining..

  26. Great pankaj really was so informative...thkq u soooooo muchhhh.
    fantastic job....

  27. thanks a lot .. it will really help a lot... One confusion I still have is about the present employer column.. I am a passout of july 2010, was recruited in campus placement in january,2010..Now company wants us to register for NSR.. So do I fill company name in the present employer but I have not joined yet,have received the offer letter but waiting for the date of joining...what should i have to do???

  28. @vishnu...

    thanks bro... you are welcome...


    You don't need to fill the present employer column... just say "registering by my own"... that will suffice... what TCS wants is the NSR ID... nothing else... if you want to add TCS as your employer in NSR database, you can do that later...


    Thank you very much...

    and as per your query goes... the answer is same as above... (in this case replace "TCS" with your company's name.)

  29. thks for ur rpl pankaj..
    thr s anothr issue fr me abt mothers maiden name...v dnt hv any family tat case wt shd i hv 2 do????i cn gv just my mothers name??

  30. hey Pankaj
    I m a fresher selected in two companies and both are asking for NSR registration.
    I confused what to do in NSR registration whether I will select Registering at my own or My Future Employer .
    If i select "My Future Employer" then I hv to select a company now which i cant do it now.

    1. hey jagadish!
      I am also facing the same problem I haven't decided which one to join yet.So what did you do in this case?

  31. Please do it on your own.
    reasons: The moment you choose the employer , EBC will randomly allocated some agencies for verfication for which that employer pays. if you choose one employer and later join other or quit and join some X company that will create confusion and and your data verfication will lie with the first company. My suggestion is why the hell to do all this . Choose own and when you choose verify EBC after you login its the same but you will end up paying 1900. Thats ir and all the data will be ready for verfication and they will update coments and also incase of discrepencies with will come back to you. if that is done by company any small thing might lead to ermination so make all is set well with NSR and they be confident to use the ID who ever asks . All the login's to NSR site including changes will be tracked and dont keep changing things every now and then. Dont play with NSR and dont give wrong info to NSR as they dont ask you any thing but your records will be spoiled and you might not get employment any where ......Its good start updating in NSR but keep details safe ..dont give to any one or authorize any company until reqd. as all the info will be avilable in site . also can authorize which comapny you want seeur data ..

    SPECIAL NOTE : NSR data base checks are done with highest level of confidence and security including dept of police etc Please dont give any false info ..they will come to know ....your BG companies are so integrated well that no body know how the verfication is carried out and its all automated so you cant play around or try other means ....
    Once verfied means life time you are verfied that the good part of it more long as you dont change things NSR ...

  32. Oh God!You did a wonderful job man! Got all my queries answered :) Many thanks

  33. @Jagadish......the programmer

    How can you still have the question in your mind???!!!

    I have clearly mentioned that if you are a fresher then select "Registering by my own"... did you even read what was written? Please read the article properly before asking a question ...!

  34. Absolutely fantastic job Boss, When i was visiting this page, I knew only 3 letters 'N S R', now I have every thing i want. Thank you very much..

  35. I have a doubt, I am waiting for my final semester results and my PG register number is not permanent, ie,have different re numbers for different semester. So what I have to do? If I left this fields blank, can i fill it later after taking finger prints?

  36. @Shaheen... permanent registration number is better to go with... wait for sometime to get the permanent number. And you are most welcome for visiting the site.

  37. Thanx man
    that was really helpful

  38. Thanx bro....
    U really made it very easy for us.....

  39. Hi Pankaj - Thanks a ton, It's really informative. I've a doubt on filling the Present Address Column.Coz Now I'm Staying in Bangalore, actly pursuing a course.But I attended TCS Written and Interviews in Hyderabad itself,which is my home place.What should I fill in the Present Address Column, The Address of where I'm Staying in Bangalore or My House Address in Hyderabad????? Please help me out wid this... Once again Thank you very much :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Thanx a million...great help...

  41. @pankaj-hey i am little bit confused about Immediate Previous Address part.they asked-"Did you stay at your present address for less than one year? No Yes "
    I AM STAYING IN MY HOME FROM MY BIRTH...SO i guess i should write NO,bcaz-i am staying here for more than 1 that case there's nothing to fill up in that part isnt it?but u mentiond-"If you stayed at your present address for more than 1 year, then only you need to fill up this block else this block cannot be filled up."...plz reply what should i write?no or yes?

  42. @Pankaj : thanks a lot..

    Cant the registration be done without the connectivity of a printer?

  43. Heyy Pankaj...great work dude...ur article realy helped..
    well i have some queries though so here it goes:
    I am placed in TCS and i ll b getting my joining in jan end. But right now i m working with some company and m serving the notice period of one month.
    My notice period will end on 10Jan,2011
    So my query is if i complete the NSR today should i add this company as a current emplyer or past employer.
    And there may be the case tht i m releived before 10th Jan, so in that case my relieving date will change.
    So what u suggest about that.??

  44. hii....

    in my voter card there are lots of spelling mistakes so i dnt want to submit dis...and i dnt hav passport(applied)...can it possible without these two document ? plz rply

  45. hi pankaj,
    can u send me your mobile number,so that it will be useful for me.

  46. hi pankaj!!
    gr8 job bro..
    tnx a lot..

  47. First of all... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting the site. :)

    @Nikhil... Most welcome.

    @Sankalp... It was my intention to make it easy... good to know that it helped... you are most welcome...:)

    @TeZzzzz... For how long will you stay in bangalore? If you plan to go back to your permanent address soon enough, then give your permanent address...

    @Pratik... my pleasure... good to have you here...

    @PERTH... certainly your answer should be NO... Perth thank you very much for the correction.. I have updated that part... thanks again... good to have you here... :)

    @niiruu... Yes registration can be done without connectivity to a printer...

    @Kashish... don't add the current employer as you will be leaving them soon... say "registering by my own"... (only my suggestion, you decide!)

    @tamajit... fill the NSR correctly... don't do any spelling mistakes... and it is possible to do NSR with other Photo Identity Proofs like Driving License or Pass Book (Read part 28) etc...

    @buntu... thanks for your words...

    @Hiren... welcome yaar...

    @rajesh... if you have any query please drop your query here... I will answer them...

    @maasi... welcome bro!...

  48. Thanks Pankaj.. but I have another query.

    In the Mail from TCS, it's mentioned that, we need to fill the NSR carefully,and as it is in the TCS BACKGROUND FORMS.But when did we fill such kinda Background forms... And by the way,After registering online,within how many days we need to go to the NSR center???? Any particular Duedate kinda thing?????????? please let me know these details????

  49. @VENKATESH... you are most welcome :)

    @Rohan Kanhai Jha... thanks for your words :)

    @TeZzzzz... I don't know about TCS but fill NSR carefully... TCS have access to the information provided by you in NSR... after registering you have to print the acknowledgment slip... there you will find the date... as far as I remember it was valid for 50 days... it is also mentioned in Part 28 of the article itself... :)

  50. Is it necessary to print d page from dat.. y cant we copy d page n word and print????

  51. @raji... you are most welcome... and print the page directly from the webpage... but if you are willing then you can print it to a pdf creator like cutepdf and then print... but I suggest don't copy to word... again you decide!

  52. @pankaj: if mother's name is 'Lakshmi C'(b4 marriage) then, 'C' is the maiden name??

  53. Thanks for explaining the registration process very clearly.........

  54. @satyam... thank you...

    @avanthika... the surname before marriage is the maiden name... in your case if 'C' is surname then it is your mother's maiden name...

    @supriya... my pleasure...

  55. dear pankaj,
    I did not receive aspire mail yet, but i got nsr mail from TCS , can you approximate my joining date. I will be very happy if you can tell this.

  56. @rajesh...

    Wish I could help you but I am not familiar with TCS policies (I am familiar with Infosys policies!)... please ask someone who has joined TCS... all the best!

  57. Hi pankaj,
    My friends who got selected with me got Aspire mail but i didnt receive . can i send a mail to ipl support.

  58. Hi,
    I have got placed in infosys,the NSR should be filled before joining or after joining.Because in offer letter they have said "Employees are requested to sign the document at the time of joining and upload of the same will be done by C&B team" what does it mean? please help me

  59. should we pay additional fee (than 331) for NSR physical card???

  60. @valli... NSR should be done before joining... and don't bother about those terms... during the first 3 days they will check all the documents and take the photocopies and tell you all the policies... later they will return those photocopies back and you have to upload them to sparsh... don't bother about those things now... get the NSR card before joining.

    @avanthika... no additional fee is needed.

  61. Thank u so much.................... :) :) :)

  62. hi i have registered for NSR and got ITPIN and ecard through mail thats all or still there is some thing in NSR

  63. @pankaj: will i get nsr physical card??? or only e-card?

  64. Firstly thanx for doing such a great job. But I still have a doubt about it. I am a fresher and am selected for 2 companies, both of which requires NSR registration & I haven't decided which one to join. I read that u advise the freshers not to select the employer but use 'on my own' but my question is that that detail can be edited for how long? See, one of my employers (TCS) have asked exclusively to fill TCS in the field ‘NSR registration requested by?” and provide all their details. So to be exact, my question is (as I haven't yet decided which organisation to join) is it possible to select my employer EVEN AFTER completing NSR online process and submitting the fee and biometrics (i.e. if I provide 'by my own' for the first time)? Or is it at least possible to edit AFTER SUBMITTING THE BIOMETRICS and all?

    Please help me on that one Pankaj... Thanks a million in advance...

  65. @Pratik...

    You can edit the name of your employer even after completing NSR online process and submitting the fee and biometrics...

  66. after the nsr registration at POS paying rs 331 ...before joinning the company, will we get the physical card within 30 days to the address specified????

  67. Dude i got a small doubt
    Someone has said above that when we select REGISTERING FOR MY EMPLOYEER, it will automaically do EBC. Does this apply to all the companies that's registered in NSR? also once the profile verification is initiated by our employeer, do we get some notification?
    Once the employeer has verified our info, do we get to know the same? Someone please answer my queires pls..

  68. Hi,

    I did not take note of the acknowledgement number. I remember the Login ID and Password I have set. After the I made the payment online, my money is debuted but I didn't get any acknowledgement to my e-mail address. How should I check my registration status now ? Will I get my money back in case of any payment problems ?

  69. Hey i entered my name wrongly.... how can i correct it... plzzzz help

  70. Hey pankaj,
    Myself rahul, i was working with hcl bpo services and got registered in nasscom overthere and then soon after training i left the company with no prior information and left resignation letter,
    So the question is that when i'll join a new bpo then surely they'll ask to register me at NASSCOM and i'll show them that i'm a fresher with no prior work experience, but they'll get to know that i was working with hcl services through my NASSCOM to tackle that situation

    1. hello rahul,
      im having the same doubt..i have been placed where they wanted me to register for nsr nd nw im placed in a better company nd they have also asked to register.i havnt registered bt i want to work in the former comapny because of security deposit.

  71. @Rahul... sorry, I have no idea about it.

  72. will there be any physical examination?

  73. chellas,
    I have got akownledge no. But i did't take printov. Wt can i do, can fil fresh or v can access proceed wit ack no rply plz.

  74. thnks for the info....
    but i did a mistake during onl9 reg....m placed in wipro tech..but i wrote wipro infotech by mistake....i did my biometric reg..but still hvnt got d mail.....but i got my itpin no....wht shld i do?

  75. thxx a lot mann!!!! this article helped in many ways!!!:D:D:D

  76. Hey!
    I entered my mother's maiden name incorrectly.I got the ack number,then realised my mistake.(I havnt been to POS to get my ITPIN).The prob is I am not able to modify it.Any sugg?

  77. Hi Pankaj, Thanks for the information provided here. But I have a doubt. May I know what is this Card delivery Address and also as you specified in the above, you said that two passwords are required, one for login and the other for transaction. So while taking the printout of the ITP Web Registration Acknowledgment form, which password has to be entered along with the acknowledgment number? Please help me....

  78. Dear Pankaj,

    I filled all the information in the NSR but while doing online payment suddenly my laptop OS got crashed. I didn't saved my ACK no.
    Shall I fillup the NSR form once again or else guide me how to get the ACK no.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shanmuganathan M

  79. Hey Pankaj...
    Ur doin a gr8 job buddy...this reely helped me...:) Keep up the good work dude..

  80. i have entered my mother's maiden name wrongly in registration form.
    how can i change it?
    i have already paid the fees online

  81. Hi,

    I did not take note of the acknowledgement number. I remember the Login ID and Password I have set. After the I made the payment online, my money is debuted but I didn't get any acknowledgement to my e-mail address. How should I check my registration status now ? Will I get my money back in case of any payment problems ?

  82. Hi Pankaj

    My previous employer got closed and company no more existing.

    Do i need to enter the details in NSR website?

    Please advise me.

  83. Thanks a lot for such a valuable information.

  84. I am 2014 batch got selected in CTS. CTS want me to provide IT pin number. when to register NSR? before completion of my BE or after getting my degree

  85. hello,
    can we just register without job id...and get the biometric process done within 50days..and when the job id comes..can we edit and save it again??
    thanks in advance.

  86. hi Pankaj
    I am a fresher and I have got two placements but the thing is one of the companies asked me to get registered on NSR so I DID REGISTER but the problem is:recently the other one has also asked me for the same.I haven't decided yet which one to chose as I didn't get any joining date by now.Kindly let me know how I could change the reference from company X to reference by me or let me know if there is any other way too.

    1. hello,
      im having the same doubt..i have been placed in a company in 8th sem where they wanted me to register for nsr nd nw im placed in a better company nd they have also asked to register.i havnt registered bt i want to work in the former company till i get my security deposit or untill i gt a call letter.So what did u do in ur situation would maybe help me.

  87. Hi Pankaj,

    My present employer is not in the list. I send a mail to nsr for adding my employers name in the list. How many days will it take to add in the list as I have only one week to go for joining my new company. They need NSR registraton mandatory. Please reply.

  88. Hi Pankaj, i am PH with 3 fingers in my left hand.... I got placed in infosys and during this fingerprint registration process did this affect my offer of employment pls reply as soon as possible just registered NSR and waiting for ur reply to biometrics...

  89. PanKaj- I want to remove my previous employer from NSR. Can you please let how should i go ahead & remove it, as i am unable to remove it. That was a very small company & now have been closed & do not want to include it further. Currently i am continuing my 2nd job company.

  90. Hi Pankaj,
    I got an offer from one company they requested me to create the NSR profile and to get the ITPIN number . I successfully completed the registration, entered required details and also I payed the amount but didn't complete the biometric process. Due to some date of joining issue I declined the offer after that I attended interview and got offer from another compnay shall I change the future employer in NSR or I need to create a new profile?. Will it affect anything in my career?.

  91. thanks pankaj,but i want to know in field of "Name of proffessional body",which name i have to mention...please reply soon

  92. Hi Pankaj
    My amount was deducted but i was not redirected to form print page.. Its asking me to repay the amount.. please suggest.

  93. Hi Pankaj..If we fill the hometown address as permenant that nsr it card is send to home that time I am in training in mysore is there any problem?

    1. It will not be a problem... you just need your NSR PIN to be provided to company.

  94. Dear Pankaj,

    Presently i am working in a company which is not registered with NASSCOM. And i requested to submit NSR to future company. I am struck in employment details page because of my current working company is not listed in NASSCOM list. Please advice me for further process.


    1. Hi Harish,

      Please contact NSR office. You can contact your future company as well. If they allow you to initiate NSR process once you join their company, the problem will not be there. Tell them the issue that your current company is not listed.

  95. I don't have last name in my NSR Card... How to change it..... Is it a problem?

  96. at the time of scanning documents at POS ,by mistake i provided duplicate DL for scanning will it create any problem later on i am worried about this please help if anyone know about this


  97. Hello Pankaj....
    I have just completed my Btech and is about to join acompany...unfortunately in my company application form I gave my mother's name with initial in the 'mother's maiden name' section.So when i register with NSR,should I do the same or is there any issue if I give my mother's exact maiden name itself.Kindly please help to solve this issue...

  98. hiiii....
    Is PAN CARD compulsory for photo identity .i have voter id,college id,pass book,passport .. are they sufficient.

  99. wat will happen to a guy who absconds after 3 mnths in a tier 1 bpo witout serving notice period.... and nsr being done in tat mnc?????? due to his personal probs

  100. I have registered for nsr as cts company but now i have to join infosys how i can change it i forget my transaction password and hint question also

  101. My first company was closed in August2015(bangalore) this year and moved to Hyderabad and Name of the company also changed and i register now with all previous employment details as Its my 1st company whwre i worked around 2 years and right now am having 9 years exp, will it be problem when they go for Background verification. Please let me know asap.

  102. Is that Possible to remove first employment details from NSR. If so, how can we do.

  103. Hi Bro I registered with NSR my online payment is failed and i for got to note ACK number. Can i create another profile?

  104. Hello sir
    i have failed to vist pos within 50 days ,can i vist pos and submit my details now.

  105. Sir currently i got offer from tcs and there they have mentioned to fill the "NSR registration requested by" field with TCS. I already have my ITPIN no. which i did as "Registering at my own" option. Now since TCS mention to fill the field as TCS i dnt know how to change that. Can you plz help. And also they have mentioned that no data should be changed after BIOMETRIC process. plz help..

  106. Hi Sir,
    Recently i have registered in NSR. But my 1st company got shut down from 2013. So what i want to konw is that is there any way to remove the company from NSR profile. My IT pin generated.

  107. Hi ,

    I have attempted on one subject in HSC examination (12th) and I cleared in the same year supplementary examination, I received separate certificate for that got two register number, So in NSR what should I give in register number.

    Problem is last one is not a consolidated one.

  108. hi,
    i have just filled my nsr and in the present employee i have entered incorrect id..
    can i change it now by entering acknowledgement number and id or i should change it after my biometrics??
    please help!!

  109. I have to change my login password can I do this??

  110. I have to change my login password can I do this??


  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Hey thank you soo much it really helped me out ur doing a great job

  114. hey thank you so much..
    i am having a question that i am fresher and placed in tcs and joining is in august ,then will i have to fill that present employer details?

  115. hey thank you so much..
    i am having a question that i am fresher and placed in tcs and joining is in august ,then will i have to fill that present employer details?

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  117. I have a query. In case my passport number is changed due to passport renewal, how would I change the information in NSR? Please let me know. Thank you.

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