Friday, July 24, 2009

Disneyland in Disguise

We have all heard about Disneyland and we really want to visit that place. Now many of us don’t have the time and money to go there. But it seems there is an alternative solution.

West Bengal has changed the way people think about entertainment. We don’t need to go to Disneyland and in fact we don’t want to. The reason? Because it’s right here with us!

Okay then, get ready to dip in the entertainment world! Here we go…

Let’s start with the roller-coaster. If you ride a car or bike or bus whatever, you will get the feeling of being in a roller-coaster. The ups and downs everything is here. In fact we offer more than what Disneyland offers… the roller-coasters here are truly beyond world class and thanks to the quality maintenance of the roads. After that bumpy ride in the roller coaster let’s relax and let’s play the “Patience game”.

This “Patience game” is designed keeping many things in mind. First of all, patience is a desirable quality and so that you can nurture that hidden quality in you, here buses run very less. So, if you want to take a bus to go to your workplace or home, you have to wait a long time. Secondly, Employers love this quality in their employees. So it’s good for the people who are looking for a job too. Thirdly it is for meditative purposes also cause that time you can concentrate on something else! And most importantly it reduces pollution… an idea can change your life… and this innovative idea should be implemented by first world countries to save the world from global warming.

Now, if the God blesses you and you do get a bus, there is another game in place – “Run Baby Run” game… the buses never stop at the exact places and you have to run to catch the bus. In the movie “Forrest Gump” there was someone to tell Forrest to run but here you have to tell that to yourself. If you are not a good runner or if the bus is “house-full”, then wait again for the next lap to begin. Sounds fun? There are many more...

Now here drivers are fond of the game “Need for Speed”… you guessed it… its total fun and total chaos. This sometimes leads to “Break the Rules” (to be specific traffic rules) game. Everyone is not a born gamer and some players do make mistakes. Then?? Then there can be two games, but you get to see only one, either “Hit and Run Game” or “Total Wreckage Game”.

“Hit and Run Game” is interesting because it is inherently followed by another game called “Catch Me if You can!” If other players don’t catch the running player then he survives and is in game. But after that “Catch and Fire” game starts. Players catch whatever they get in hold and put those unlucky things on fire. Have you noticed how many games are inter-related? Time goes so quickly when you are having fun!

Now we have introduced another new game and it is really gaining popularity! It’s the “Bandh Game”. Some also call it “Strike Game”… personal preferences. But “Bandh” is the official term… doesn’t matter, everything goes in entertainment. In this game, you are supposed to be in your house. And whether you like it or not, you’re in the game.

This whole thing is telecasted by our talented professionals. There also you get another game –“News: Count the Repeating”. In television news channels the same thing is repeated again and again. If you want to get the prize of the game, your job is to count how many times the same thing is repeated… and to tell you a little secret, most of the time the counting value will be more than 10.

Everyone is entitled to receive the same privilege. That is what we believe here. So we take uttermost care so that no one gets extra privilege. But for the sake of entertainment we have an old game named “Bribe Game”. Here you have to bribe the higher officials to get things done. But not all the officials play this game. So its availability depends on your luck.

In this recession period we have introduced a new game “Job Exam Game” to inspire people and to show them the prosperity we are having now. In any Job examination you will get to see thousands and thousands of students appearing for the exam. That gives us motivation and shows that here students are superior in knowledge and so many students are eligible for the exams yet there are very few places to accommodate them. Actually this shows how advanced we have become and this whole thing is worth envying for the other countries and states. Obviously we are proud! And the game is fun too… we get to see so many new faces, make new friends… all for a social cause… a social get-together… we are in a global village and there should be some means to know each other.

Oh… I forgot to tell you about one expensive game… “Education Game”

It is a paid game and if you don’t buy the tickets, you are not allowed to play it. And mind it, securities are tight and sharp. So play this game with tickets. Tickets cost vary and depends on the certificate (the prize) you wish to receive. And we don’t disappoint anyone because we value everyone’s sentiment. So, bring in the money, and get a certificate. And the Syllabus? Why bother? Harvard, Princeton or MIT don’t have this syllabus… here the syllabus is antique (here the university believes “old is gold”).

“Spot the Not”… just like Ripley’s Believe It or Not… in this game you have to guess who is telling the truth and who is telling the lies. This game is tough. You need to practice a lot. The general playgrounds are career-fairs, advertisings, seminars etc. Don’t take this one casually if you really want to win the game.

“Guess the Time” is one of my favourites. If there is load-shedding, then you have to guess after how many hours current will again come. Again a little secret… think logically and place your guess to be more than 1-2 hours. But here also luck factor comes and I have seen the time to as high as 16 hours! So pray and then guess. Here also we are saving natural resources as coals and other fuels are depleting day-by-day and to be frank you should feel how the life is in the deep jungles where there is no electricity… you should feel those feelings also.

At night we get to play another game called “Find the Holes” (yah, its night show only… and not available in day because in daytime it's all visible!) in the roads. We care for you and your fun. So there are plenty of holes in the roads and they come in variety of sizes. At night the thing gets interesting and we really want to see everyone with a smile on their face. And don’t panic if you sometimes fall in the holes… its all part of the game… you are getting a chance to cultivate your sportsman spirit… and that is what counts.

“Your Take on Deserts” is a game that depends on the session and is not always available. In this game, you will get no water supply and you get a feeling (maybe less but the best money can buy) how life is in deserts. Again this game is not always available.

I am in love with this place and I really feel sad for all of them who have not visited this splendid place and spent a fun-happy moment. These are the games that I have found for your entertainment… what are your takes about it?


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